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    Fair Child

    Giving a child a shot

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    Give Back!

    Serious conditions resulting from dehydration and inadequate nourishment of athletes is unacceptable. Help us take a stand.

    Let's help #FairChildScholarships!

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what we do

Community Awareness

  • Work with community leaders to promote support for student athletes in need

  • Leverage relationships within Richardson civic organizations

  • Establish social media presence across various platforms

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    Nourishing Meals

  • Gain sponsorship from local restaurants for pre-game meals at home games

  • Designate "Cheryl Fairchild Memorial Day" within restaurant community for donations

  • Partner with Berkner Basketball Booster Club for fundraising activities

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    Scholarship support

  • Create virtual basketball tournament platform

  • Host annual Cheryl Fairchild Memorial 3x3 Basketball Tournament

  • Set up “All-Ages” Free-throw contest

  • Organize a memorial golf tournament in Cheryl’s honor

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    The Cheryl Fairchild Shootout


    Donate Meals


    Sponsor an athlete


    scholarships needed


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